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Tanuja admitted to the hospital, Kajol-Tanisha in anxiety !

Kajal is not running well for the past few days. On one hand, the popular stunt Korongarh’s father Ajay Devta, died due to the death of Devu Dev. And already in the meantime, the mother of the sick Kajal-Tanisa, Tanuja. Now everyone is worried about this.

It is learned that due to Tanzar’s disease, treatment is underway in Mumba’s Leelabati Hospital. Kajol was seen outside the hospital, and she was very worried about what she was worried about.

Actually, on May 27, Viru Devesh, the Bollywood’s most famous action-stunt director and father of Ajay Devta, died due to a shock in the film world.

He has operated action sequences in about 80 films. Her directorial play, Hindustan Ki Kasam, was played by her son Ajay Devas. Anil Dev, another son of Bir Dev Dev, is also the director.

Sick nose
Biru also acted in films like Trance, Saurabh and Sinhasan, without acting Choreography. Although he did not meet in the Bollywood film party, but he was seen on screen screen of Duniya. During the evening of Hindustan, he tried to show some action scenes, which were never known before.

But they had to face the box office. However, the number of fans of his action-stunts in the film world is countless.

In such a situation, anxiety over Tanuja’s disease has increased. Kajal-Ajay-Tanisha

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