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Did not meet Meghna and Archie … Priyanka himself!

Duchess of Sussex recently gave birth to Meghna, his first son, Archci + The world’s press and we also told Priyanka that her husband had been invited to celebrate this happy celebration with Jon Nicos. There was a buzz in the air.

But on Saturday morning Priyanka Chopra tweeted all the speculations herself. Re-tweeted a news published in The Sun, Priyanka wrote on this day … “All the Gift Ideas are really great. But this news is not correct. I have come to London for work. The formula that spreads this news, he needs to check a little bit of facts. ‘

The Sun first informed Priyanka that Bull Blower had bought for $ 250 worth of Sterling Silver from Tiffany & Co for Prince Archie, besides other gifts.

I will not believe in Ranbir any day

After breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor, it took quite a while to cope with himself. A few days ago, Katrina had said in an interview. The old entity had to break itself and build itself again. Recently, Neha Dhupia’s chat show came again to BFF + in the context of Ranbir Kapoor.

In the words, to Neha Kate, to take the name of a colleague who can never trust him for the secret of his life. He did not take much time to answer the answer. Before the end of the question, the colleague replied to his Ranbir Kapoor.

At the same event he was asked to host the worst chat show, who is he? There was no hesitation in this case either. The candid Katrina said Varun Dhawan will be the worst celebrity host because he does not allow anyone to talk to another person. At the same time, he also said that in the future Tiger would like to act in action with Shroff and act in a completely different format with Ranbir Singh.

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